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At the Morgue in Ballarat Australia
Lisa and Juliet shooting at stuff - Kryal Castle

About Us

Juliet and Lisa were always up for an adventure, so they decided to follow the universe’s not-so-subtle nudges. After countless nights of chatter, giggles, and maybe a bit too much wine, they took the cosmic hint.

What did they dream up? A place where women could come together, swap stories, offer advice, and give one another a cosmic high-five. A virtual campfire for those exploring the wild frontiers of Cryptids, the Paranormal, and UFOs. The result? The birth of the Cryptid Women’s Society.

While they have always had a soft spot for Bigfoot and Mothman, Cryptozoology wasn’t always on their horizons.

As they began to learn more about cryptids while developing Cryptid Women’s Society, they became aware of the mind-blowing creatures and folklore right here in their backyards and the South Pacific Islands!

Now, they’re reaching out for your helping hand to grow this unique community. Together, they’re creating a space where women can share their wild tales and cheer on the trailblazers of these extraordinary fields. The Cryptid Women’s Society is not just groundbreaking; it’s your backstage pass to an adventure of a lifetime.

Join the fun, become part of the Cryptid Women’s Society, and let’s turn this cosmic adventure into a laugh-filled, friendly quest. 

Believe in the unbelievable and go find the unfindable


You don't need to be an expert to get involved, knowledge comes from the search


About Our Crew

Check out our amazing & talented team below

Alison Haitana

Archetypal Website Designer©

My name is Alison Haitana and I was born on the mystical land of Aotearoa or New Zealand.

I blend together golden threads that encompass faery tales, myths and legends along with shamanism & creativity. Undergoing many rites of passage and a curious willingness to step into the fires of birth and death for transformation & reflection.

Nature truly is my Nature as I straddle the worlds as a Story Shaman, who is discovering the bones of a story, before all the separation.

I also am a self-trained Tech Mystic and Archetypal Website Designer©. 


Graphic Designer

My name is Alexandra Serban, and I am from Romania, the land of Dracula. I am an artist at heart, who discovered AI two years ago and seamlessly integrated it into my creative process.

I have always been intrigued by the unknown and the strange, with a deep passion for human behavior, spirituality, and mysticism.

Since childhood, I have loved hearing stories about fairies, ghosts, legendary creatures, and beings from other realms or dimensions. This fascination is what draws me to the Cryptid Women’s Society project. I am thrilled for the opportunity to connect with Lisa and Juliet and to delve deeper into these topics.

I greatly admire the educational purpose of the project, as well as their dedication and passion. These are the values I seek when choosing to join a project or connect with new people.

Ashrakat Hamdy

Motion Graphic Designer

I’m passionate about creating compelling content that resonates with audiences.

Working with Cryptid Women’s Society allows me to support and empower women through my work, which is incredibly rewarding.

I love collaborating with such a dynamic and inspiring team.

Another Legend

Could this be You?

I craved to go beyond the garden gate, to follow the road that passed it by, and to set out for the Unknown.”
Alexandra David-Néel
Explorer, Spiritualist, Opera singer, and Writer (1868-1969)
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